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After my thrilled pronouncement about getting started with winter cycling, I now must back pedal. I’ve gotten the nasty upper-respiratory bug so generously shared by what seems like everyone in Hawaii, and it has brought my triathlon training to a painful and embarrassing halt. Fortunately, my coach, Kristen “KC” Carlberg, gave me that all-so-important peptalk that coaches are supposed to deliver at just the right time. That’s why we stick with coaches. They get to know us. They always know the right thing to say. And they help you find a way to make the impossible work. In my case, I’ll rejoin the group in March when we do triathlon training for Honu Kona 2013. So, Hawaii women athletes, if you are looking for a safe and fun group in which to explore your potential, check out TryFitnessHawaii.com. Yes, that’s a fully blatant suck up to the gang who understands me most. And believe me, that takes a lot.

Back to work tmrw after nearly a week of being out of action. It’s not flu, but I’ve got a cough that is still quite juicy, but with proper hygiene and good manners, I’ll keep my germs to myself. It’s no fun to take time off for no fun. Codeine, while a godsend in the evening, isn’t quite so charming upon waking up.

Dreadmill and stationary bike trainer. That’s my immediate future.