Way Too Much Fun

Sun, clouds, sea, Ka Iwi.

Morning sun, clouds, sea, Ka Iwi.

I will admit that taking the girls to school in the morning with John, followed by a cruise around the Ka Iwi Coast to watch whales and to enjoy each other’s company, is a lot of fun. Going to bed each evening without dreading going to work in the morning is a real switch for me. For the first week after leaving HMSA I continued to wake at 420. But now I don’t. I wake up refreshed and relaxed. We have cappuccinos and conversations.

I am a writer in the wild and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I took a drive to Koolau Farmers in Kailua yesterday to get some BT to battle the worms that are eating my gorgeous kale and other vegetables and herbs in my garden. Beside me is a tomato I picked the other day, waiting to be put in a tomato sandwich for lunch. I swept the floors, we’re getting bicycle gear ready for tomorrow’s Bike Swap in Kapahulu, and I’ve been a good girl watching my nutrition as I train and close in on the Honu half-iron 70.3 on June 1.

This week I met with a friend about some writing projects and I had an interview with a company that is so close to the beach lunch-time laps to the Kaimana windsock would become a daily indulgence. Who knows? All I know is that there are people in this town who put value in the way I shape the alphabet into words and phrases that connect and motivate readers into action. It’s kind of fun to write about something that’s fascinating to me and therefore so important to share. It’s important to me that people connect with my writing and are inspired to ride a bike, relax on the beach, plant a garden, knock out a wall, or buy a house. I love it when my blog or my articles are shared. Thanks for that.

I must find a way to make this bliss last forever. The first step is the joy that comes from living simply and simply living.

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Nine minutes to write this.

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Yep, nine minutes left on my lunch break before I meet with colleagues to plan yet another festive gathering to honor, well, that’s classified.

Sometimes they say that the M in HMSA stands for meetings. I’ve got a few people calling it The Mothership with me, heh. Fortunately, I don’t have to attend as many meetings as other people do. But when I do go, I like to bring my iPad along and type in my notes. My hand cannot keep up when writing with a measly low-tech pen. There are too many important ideas being bandied around, too many details. It’s important not to leave any of it to chance.

The year is drawing to a close. People are moving on. Those of us left behind are trying to be positive about letting them go and letting them have the fun they earned. Not to be maudlin, but gee, I sure do hope some other people fill the void. But it’s really hard to fill the boots of some people. You wanna pass that big ole belt buckle to someone who will go to bat for ya.

That’s life. Come, go, and grab what you can when it’s there. Before you know it,  your nine minutes are up.

Saying Thank you with a MahaloGram

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Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my managers who told me that although it’s fine to contemplate the troubles of the world, I shouldn’t spend so much time on my “dark side.” She said there are so many positives about me that the darkness gets more attention than it deserves. So many of my friends, family, and my colleagues would agree.

MahaloGrams come in four colors, have pretty pictures, and a flip side to share your love. A great program onboard the Mothership!

Such people are my champions. When I feel as though I cannot slay the dragon of despair, friends such as these prop me up and push me back into the world, outlook adjusted to positive. At work we have a MahaloGram program. We fill out the back of a card telling people mahalo, which is Hawaiian for thank you, and then we specify exactly when and where they did something worth crowing about. A stub on the side gets put into a monthly drawing. The card gets sent to the person who can save them and refer to them in their performance review. I just used five in my own review that I submitted Monday. It is the nicest thing in the world to receive one, and we are free to distribute them at will. I should send them more often. In fact, I have a stack of the cards on my desk today. Where’s my list of do gooders?

I do not want to imagine what my life would be without those who take the time to talk me in from the self-indulgent ledge (It’s pretty out there. The view is spectacular. The breeze blows through my ears and dries my tears. But I am not a bird, I cannot fly, and there are things to do. Important things! Raising children! Being a wife! Being a friend! Being an athlete! Being a writer!)

One of my colleagues is leaving Marketing and Communications to work in the Legal department here on board The Mothership. That means I’ll see less of her, but, she’s still here, a few floors down, always in my computer, always on my Facebook, always in my heart. I am excited for her. Changes refresh one’s outlook.

I’m in for a change myself. There are boxes outside my cube ready to be loaded. As early as next week, I’m relocating to a cube one floor below. It’s a temporary move while other changes occur at HMSA. It’s exciting. Before I know it I’ll be back upstairs, ready for a fresh  start in a new cube location. The challenge will be to succeed with the workflow throughout the changes. I shall. I feel positive about that!

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