Waiting for the Right Fit

Relax. Enjoy this time off. How many times have I heard those words in the past few months? It has been amazing being off for the summer with the kids. I completed my first Ironman 70.3 on the Big Island. I have time to train for my next triathlon. I relax working in my garden right in my own yard. I do more home cooking than buying fast food. I sleep in. I sleep well. I am grateful. And the added bonus of getting to write at my out-door office next to the garden while enjoying the Hawaiian trade winds? Priceless.

But sometimes I get a little edgy, a little worried and a little freaked out. It makes it impossible to truly relax. Thank goodness for my triathlon training. I would probably be bonkers without it.

I have been given valuable advice in my search for the next great thing: Don’t settle. Find something enjoyable. Find an organization that appreciates your skills and perspective. Don’t underestimate your abilities and skills. Realize how unique and special you are.

As I enjoy this Independence Day and look forward to the fireworks over Maunalua Bay this evening, I give thanks to the radical liberals who stuck out their necks for the future of this great nation. I am always, always, ALWAYS in awe of our Founding Fathers and the foresight in which they created our Constitution. Human rights, freedom from oppression, and the checks and balances of our government keeps our nation somewhat balanced. I am so very grateful for my friends on FB who agree to pleasantly disagree with me politically and are so generous with their virtual hugs.

America: Love it, protect it, and be grateful. Where else would we fit? Peace!

Me and MiniMe


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Another Man’s Refuge


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Hawaii Kai’s Fourth of July Celebration

Hawaii Kai's Fourth of July Extravaganza!

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A few years ago I was recruited to be on the board for Independence Day at Maunalua Bay. After just a few meetings, I had to decline. The energy required was overwhelming. I couldn’t match the effort being made by the other members, and I felt someone else with more to give could fill my place. But I did tell them that if they ever needed a write up somewhere, I’d be happy to assist.

Now’s that time. According to the website, they still need about $25,000, to pay for the show that’s less than a month away. Don’t worry, the show will go on! But it’s a matter of closing the books without debt on July 5, 2011. And knowing this organization, and the effort they put into each annual production, you can bet they’ll start talking about July 4, 2012, while they’re at this year’s event. It’s their way. They’re constantly looking at ways to make it better. And to emphasize the community benefit, this event is more than a one-day show. It’s also linked to the group’s foundation, which awards scholarships to East Oahu high school graduates headed for college.

What I love about this event is that East Oahu residents can stay put for a full day of fun. The festive atmosphere starts building a few days before. When we pass Maunalua Bay while driving or riding our bicycles on Kalanianaole Highway, we watch as the tents go up, the grounds are spruced up, and the little outhouses are set up in neat rows to relieve thousands of celebrants!


Music is a huge component at the Maunalua Bay party, and this year Maui-grown, now Hawaii Kai’s own Anuhea will be performing. Other musical guests include Heartsong, Steve Maii and Friends, Dennis Kamakahi, and Maunalua. A patriotic performance will be presented by the students in the Kaiser High School band, too!

We’ve got plenty of keiki in the ‘hood, so a special KidZone with free activities are planned, including a good, old-fashioned parade of bicycles, decorated with red, white, and blue crepe paper, streamers, flags and bells. An art project with nature artist Patrick Ching will be held early in the day. Children are invited to come for lunch and to paint a life-size horse statue.

Food booths, activities, games, music, keiki bicycle parade and fireworks. Why leave East Oahu when it’s all here? Skip the traffic and stay put. Oh, and if the spirit moves you, write a check.