Personal Doldrums


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There are a few things going on. Or maybe there are few things going on. Last night, as I assessed once again that I’d have to clean up the kitchen to cook dinner and then clean it up again, I … Continue reading

The Bitch Inside


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Yesterday I swam in the Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Mile Swim and finished with a time of 36:17:00. There were about 400 people competing, with the men launching 5 minutes before the women. Before the start, I was standing around waiting … Continue reading

The Thrill of the Hunt


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It is difficult to explain to our observers why we do what we do. I am often asked why I torture myself by trying to be a triathlete. Although I am always training for an event somewhere in the future, … Continue reading

Hardest Event So Far & You Should See My Hickey!


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After doing the first three events of the North Shore Swim Series, I was eager to get started for the fourth and final swim from Pipeline to Waimea Bay on Oahu’s North Shore. For those of us who went for … Continue reading