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Hawaii Kai (Oahu) wife and mom. Freelance writer, triahlete, road cyclist, masters swimmer, slow runner, damn good cook, ocean girl with a beach chair always in the Forever Van. Daydreamer. Teenager trapped in a hotflasher's body.

Another Blog: Eat At Mom’s dot Net


This is what you get when you Eat At Mom's!

This is what you get when you Eat At Mom’s!

It’s not like I have tons of time, but I figured over the summer I’d launch a cooking blog. It’s still under construction. Pretty soon I’ll be posting my food creations on the website Eat At Mom’s.

So I’m toggling back and forth between this site and that site and I’m trying to save myself from making the same mistakes I made a few years when I launched lavagal.net. I also want to launch the site with a recipe sorter embedded, to enable easy searches by ingredient or subject. It’s not easy, but it’s WordPress, so it’s not impossible.

Casting doubts on my ambitions to launch this site within the next few days are all of these website designers and companies that come crawling out of the woodwork offering me their services and guarantees about SEO and positive Internet cash flow. I realize they just want to make a few bucks, but the joy of WordPress and launching a website is that point of pride where it’s a labor of love and doesn’t look like it’s squirted out of the same cookie press.

No thanks!

The eventual plan is to migrate recipes here on lavagal.net to eatatmoms.net, publish new recipes, help others figure out ways to use new ingredients, and share our reflections about wonderful meals we had while eating out, at a potluck or a family celebration, and trying to recreate those taste sensations that bring back happy memories — even those from small-kid time.

Are you with me? I hope you’ll subscribe.